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Second Chance

A Second Chance at Life is a Second Chance to Serve

Earlier this year (2023) I was admitted to the hospital, uncertain why I was feeling the way I was. After some detailed tests, it was determined I was in the midst of severe liver failure. It was all the result of a shunt, which I was likely born with. Because of this I was experiencing Hepatic Encephalopathy. Which helped explain some of the way I had been feeling for quite some time.

The good news is hepatic encephalopathy is temporary, once fixed. After my shunt was fixed then things slowly went back to normal.

It was a scary period where I wasn’t completely sure the outcome or if I’d survive the liver failure.

Though I still have a form of Parkinson’s, I feel great and am getting the best care in the world. I feel revived! I’ll always have a little shake but can assure you I’m always there mentally, emotionally, and physically to give my whole self to the City of Roy.