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My Goals in Office

My Three Main Goals

The Three C’s!


The cemetery was something I started working on while in office 4 years ago. It required a lot of hurdles and I’m ready to finish the job. It’s one of my primary concerns as a resident of Roy. We need to have a place where our dead can rest in peace, within city limits. I want to help get this across the finish line. 

Community Development 

Just as important as new development opportunities is filling our existing spots with new businesses. When I was in Council last time I was constantly meeting with businesses in an attempt to get them to Roy. I want to continue to craft the vision for businesses to come to Roy. I grew up with a dad who was a small business owner; they’re the backbone to this community because everything else is uplifted by them. I reached out to/visited several businesses per month when I was in office; I’d like to get back to doing this on behalf of Roy. 

Clean Up  

From the parks to sidewalks on main street, thinking of and instituting additional incentives for community clean up. Main street makes an impression to all in the city. The park bathrooms are consistently being vandalized. Support for the Parks and Rec department for clean up efforts will be a top priority.