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Questions with Bryon

Why Do You Want To Be City Council?

Because I know I can help this City. I’ve been elected once before and have seen the gaps that are missing; there’s more work to be done.

What about the hurdles you've had with your health?

I had some health hurdles at the start of the year (23′). I overview them on this page here.

What’s your favorite thing about being a Roy resident?

The people. The people that we live around, interact with; it all comes back to the people. 

What improvements would you most like to see happen for the city of Roy?

The ability to better protect our parks from vandalism. An additional cemetery so life-long residents like myself have a place to rest. And attracting more commercial development. We have got to absolutely make the best use of our commercial zones properties that are currently sitting vacant.

What do you want the citizens of Roy to know about you?

I will always respond, and if I cannot help them, I will find someone who can.

If you could describe yourself as a candidate in three words, what would they be?

Never. Give. Up.

What makes you qualified to serve the city Roy?

I have served the city of Roy as a council member already. During that four year stint, we achieved an emergency response agreement with Northrup Grumman, brought in a new Intermountain instacare, and added several new businesses that generate sales tax revenue.

What can I do better this time around?

I would like to complete the renovation of Municipal Park with some select trail lighting. I wish I would have been able to keep apartments off of Main Street. I will appeal to the residents to point out more aggressive and more supportive of the businesses that already exist, and the future ones to come.

What’s some of your favorite Roy Days events?

My wife and I enjoy volunteering at the salmon bake. We also enjoy attending the Miss Roy pageant. Our family has always enjoyed attending the breakfast to support the high school and going to the parade.

What’s some of your favorite things to do in your free time?
I love to watch baseball, listen to rock-n-roll music (loudly), write and read novels, and play with my grandchildren.