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Bryon Saxton for Roy City Council


Bryon Saxton was an investigative reporter for 30 years. He also was a City Councilman for Roy, having served one term. Transparency has always been and will always be a core principle for Bryon. 


It’s important that any good steward of a community has an emphasis on communication to constituents. You’re the entire reason for any of this, so you should be informed on all matters at all times.


Bryon and his wife have lived in Roy for nearly 40 years. They’ved raised 4 children through Roy schools, all of whom were active in extracurricular activiities. Bryon’s passion for Roy runs as deep as any.

Why I’m Asking For Your Vote

Representing a city and its residents isn’t a responsibility to take lightly. Your vote is important, as it’s your direct voice of change. Learn more why Bryon is asking for your vote so we can help the city we all love so much.

Because There’s only One Roy Utah.